2011年2月15日 星期二

The First Day of Enterprise Practice in Peter Lai

After a Valentine's Day of a bachelor, today is my first day for enterprise practice. I reported to Jasmine, the assistant manager of marketing department as usual as soon as I had arrived. After a short explanation, I was led to visit staff from department to department. What's more, I was informed to read the brochure of enterprise introduction as carefully as possible, because Jasmine would give me a quiz in the afternoon. Afterwards I was led to my desk, but much to my surprise, the person next to me is the manager! However, there came the most senior teacher in the company, Eddie. She seemed so upset about another teacher's way of selecting textbooks and discussed with the manager about that, I had only to read the brochure under the fierce quarrel. It reads so boring that made me yawn again and again. Iris, the teacher who interviewed me previously, is also sitting around me. She even said I look like the son of a former president. Carole, a senior college student and part-time student also agreed with her. My goodness! What a meaningless comparison!
When I was reading the brochure so hard, I did not even notice the time was about twelve o'clock already! There came one of the beauties in the company – Vicky, who led me to get to know the environment and went to have a lunch with me. No wonder Carole congratulated me that I earned the rare chance. Vicky and I had a lunch in Shih-Fang Vegetarian buffet, but there were nobody there while we were eating. So strange!
After a half hour when I returned the company, Jasmine did give me a quiz! She asked me to state what I have realized at first then it was her turn to supplement more main point. The length of the time of her explanation is around five time longer than mine! She also mentioned that she has been working there for eight years. Probably she is one of the most senior and experienced worker in the company.

2009年8月31日 星期一

A Person I Admire

251 words
I enjoyed reading the autobiography of those historical figures since I was in the elementary school. I could always learn good examples and warnings from them. No matter the comments of them are positive or nagative.
From all of these autobiographies I have read, a person I admire most is Franklin Delano Roosevelt, the thirty second presient of the United States. He was elected as the position for four times. Despite he suffered from polio, he still had the will to overcome the disease. He even set up a charity to those people who also suffer from the same disease. He implemented some some economical policies to save the years of the Great Depression, which almost ruined the whole world’s economy. He brought back the hope and posperous society to people again. In the World War Two, he led the army to resist the invasion of Japan, Germany and Italy. Therefore, the peace of the world was able to be maintained. But the most pitiful thing was that he had not seen the final victory then passed away.
There is a sentence he said which I really agree with very much: “The only limit to our realization of tomorrow will be our doubts of today.” If a person, especially a leader, hesitates too much things before his acts, he will lose many good chance. Now I am the leader of a student club, I have to intensify my judgment ability. So I will have the effciency to do many things well.

2009年8月29日 星期六

The Movie Reflection – Departure

325 words
I watched a movie called “Departure” (送行者–禮儀師的樂章) last weekend. It is a Japanese film which is just released this February in Taiwan. It also wins the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film at the Oscars this year. The main characters are Masahiro Motoki, Ryoko Hirosue, etc.
The plot is about Daigo Kobayashi, a professional cellist, lost his job because of dissolution of the orchestra. One day he noticed a job vacancy is an “Assisting departures” for “NK Agency.” He is recruited immediately by the president when he goes for interview. But the NK is a Japanese abbreviation for “encoffinment,” and he is instead to assist the “departed,” so the president persuades him to work by paying him five-million salaries per month. At first, he always works with a nagative attitude. He dares not to tell his wife about the job, even his wife dislike him when she learns his current job. However, Daigo finds more deep feelings to human lives by engaging this job. Therefore, he is also encouraged to face the love between his father and himself.
In the beginning, I think the way Daigo finds the job is funny, especially when he conceals his wife about his job. After watching this movie, I really touched by the procedure of the etiquette, because it is the last journey for the dead person. Every action, such as make up and wearing, should be very careful and polite. It is also for all live people to show the respect the dead person. In my opinion, the most important purpose for this job is to console the dead person’s family. Instead of the sorrow feeling, they should have a peaceful and joyful attitude to hold the funeral.
To sum up, the most important message the movie gives me is have a not to fear for death. Most culture takes death as a terrible thing. If only we can change this opinion, anything will continue better and smoother.

2009年8月27日 星期四

How to Use a Computer

333 words
With the progression of modern technology, communication is one of the most revolutionary of all human inventions. These things are closely connect with our daily life. The most distinguished and influential invention to human is the computer. Therefore, it is very important for everyone to know how to use a computer.
In the early time when computers were invented, it was used for military purposes. But nowadays, almost each familiy has a computer at least. Many companies also use them to edit documents for business. No matter what purpose we have when we need to use a computer, the process is always the same. First, we have to power up the computer. Until the computer’s preparation are all set, we can open a file or document if we we have to enter the information. We can edit it by opening a program like Wordpad, Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint, for example. If we want to keep it, we can save our work in a certain file then close it. We can delete those documents we don’t need any more, too. When we want to start a program, we can click the icon of it on the tabletop or program section. If we want to get more information, we can also search the data from the internet, Internet Explorer. When we find a piece of information we need, we can cut or copy it and then paste on the program where we are aditing. Finally, when we finish all of the works, we should shut down the computer.
All of the above are the most basic process to everyone. But for all walks of live, they still have to use some professional programs which are related to their job. Some enterprises or college even require their staff to have the certificate of bacic computer concepts. So, as a modern citizen in the global village, we really need to have much knowledge to the computer. The more we have, the better to our competition ability.

2009年8月24日 星期一

The Practical Training of English Teaching

302 words
We went to Jeso Elementary School in Fu-Hsing to teach English on one Friday morning last semester. Most of us already had some experiences in teaching these nauty children last semester, but their voice and energy were still overwhelming.
The whole class was devided into some groups, each groups had to prepare different teaching topics. My group was charge for alphabet teaching and story telling. The visiting professor, Linda, also came with us. After a one-hour journey, we arrived in Jeso at 10:15. I heard some familiar voice of those students. My feeling was happy and anxious half-and-half, because I was not sure if I can control the order in class this time. When the first period began, they were noisy all the time. Some of them even have conflicts with each other. They only scare their teacher to punish them. So that’s why my teaching plan couldn’t catch up with the actual teaching. What’s more, I noticed the dissatisfied expression in our teacher’s and their teacher’s face, we could feel much pressure anytime. During the alphabet teaching, the English in the school corrected my wrong pronunciation of “L”, I felt really embarrassing. I also heard a funny thing. The class where Linda stayed in was quieter than other class, obviously those student were afraid of foreigner. I hope Linda can stay in our class in the next teaching.
After the two periods’ teaching, we all felt exhausted and relaxed. In the retrn journey in the tour bus, I kept thinking about how to improve my methods and their learing attitude. I know it’s hard for us to stop those energetic aboriginal children, but if I want to be a professional teacher, this mustn’t be kept as a problem. It’s time for me to think some effective ways to correct their attitude.

2009年8月20日 星期四

The Reflection of Toastmasters Division E Club Officer Training

375 words
This is the second time I join the Toastmasters officer training. I was very pleased some new officers promise to join me, but it is also quite a big trouble some important officers couldn’t attend this training.
The atmosphere was really relaxed when I enter the meeting room. Instead of memorizing those annoying scripts or lines, everyone was chatting happily. Compare with Lunghwa, I couldn’t help recall the same situation our meeting: it was so bored that can choke audience to die! Sigh! The situation is hard to improve during my duty of president. What James, Mike and Grace said were similar to the first officer training this February, the only difference were they talked many about their new duty range. I want to agree all what they said, but it is quite impossible to persuade most members to earn the awards for themselve. As the club president, I have to lead by my example to set goal: to get competent communicator award within one year. If the club members are reluctant to earn the awards, not to mention attracting new members to the club. In the club discussion report, I tried to calm down my nervousness, the time was so short but too many things I have to absorb. Mike specially, whenever I speak in front of him, he always pose a smelly face. It only makes me feel more nervous, and it seems I owe him lots of money. If the speaker were Nikki, he must pose a face with a big smile. Then I tried to involve the other presidents in the club officer discussion, but they used too many words which were so unfamilliar to me. The president of NCU merely uttered four sentences, too. Moreover, it also reflects my current intermediate grade of TOEIC: able to join English meetings, but not able to express and debate different opinions smoothly in English.
Mencius ever said, “If poor, those scholars attended to their own virtue in solitude; if advanced to dignity, they made the whole kingdom virtuous as well.” Now that I promise to get the CC award, I will do my best to achieve it. Finally, I bless myself could survive during each preparation and bring more laughing to club members.

2009年8月18日 星期二

My First Job

308 words
When I just graduated from the junior high school, my mother found a part time job for me in the summer vacation. I worked in a car-refit factory in Sanshia, which is owned by my uncle and aunt. I had been working there for one month and the time is from 8:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M. everyday.
In the first day of my work, my uncle introduced me to others workers. He also assigned a young foreman who was in charge of my work. His face looked fierce and his talk sounded a little bit rude, but he was a responsible man. Whenever I was confused about doing something, he always repeated to me patiently. Such as warpped some materials and classified those products. I still remembered once he took me to the other factory, I asked him where we are going to. He said he would take me to be sold, I couldn’t help but laughing. Because he knew that I am the niece of his boss, I was sure he would n’t sell me. By the way, my uncle and aunt were both so kind to me. They always cared about my eating and hoped to feed me become fatter. My aunt even sometimes bought a ninety-dollar dinner box for me. I felt I am so lucky that I can work in my relatives’ company. Of course, I appreciated them very much. I have learned how to get along with different people and correct attitude of working.
After that time, I never have any jobs. My parents want me to find a non-relatives related job by myself in vacations. Now since I have some English specialties, they hope me to find an English teaching-related job. Although I still have many skills should be improved, so I make up my mind to do it better and harder.